I always have moments where I have to stop and ask myself WHY? WHY am I making this? WHAT is it about a thing that brings forth its existence in this moment in time?

In answering some of these questions, i write or sometimes just simply record a voice note wherever I’m at.

Earlier last week, I recorded some thoughts whilst i was showering, and layered it with some audio recordings I have been collecting for a while- some singing bowl sounds, sounds of rhythm from a light pole in Towson, MD, rainfall recordings, placed over photos from working in the studio, photos captured by myself, friends and Kehinde.

I’ve always been interested in this sort of VERBIVOCOVISUAL media form- something that can interact with the five senses or at least is working to invoke an essence of multisensorial totality. So, creating this short film really increased my potential and personal interest for more multimedia, multi-sensory exploration of work that is organically generated through engaging with my practice.

learning learning!