This series of paintings first bloomed as a creative exploration of the roots of the word "BOMB" - There is something very surprising and vibrant about the word that made me think about the Big Bang theory in the way one action or event can domino into universes of possibilities and experiences. I was inspired and intrigued by the word "BOMB" in this way, paralleling this idea of world-building to the ways trauma, both physically and metaphysically, shapes our body and world as well as the way it informs how we navigate these worlds. 

This work unknowingly started at a time when I wasn’t crying at all I quickly realized that the self I was inhabiting was the SELF that my ecosystem needed to persevere through the test of time. I found it extremely important to conjure these seeming images of horror, surprise, and anguish as an embrace of the moments that granted me/us passage to healing. 

The BOMB series is a remembrance of the scars and wounds we wear and, even more importantly, the memories they hold. Each painting is a totem of remembrance of lived existences and stories of people, communicating with one another almost like a visual collage of familial memory. The work is very reminiscent of the way our wounds become sentient whether physically, mentally, metaphysically, spiritually, or ancestrally, nurturing and guiding us to a point of resolution and wholeness. 

a short photo film on some works that I’ve been building in my BOMB series.