The Creator's Reprise

the creator's reprise, 2022


“the creation is the creator and the creator is the creation in and of itself” 

This photo series is a culmination of thoughts regarding creationism and creativity. Growing in the understanding that the artist is GOD themselves just as much as humans are GODS just as much as there is a physical GOD, this work aims to rewrite the theological tale of creation. To require a GOD to exist is to remit or surrender your most innate humanity, Your true BEING. 

We all individually hold the power of GOD to create the world that we want to exist in collectively. To sort out the chaos and align with a greater purpose of living- For humanity. These photographs transport the viewer to their very moment of creation, inviting them to reimagine their existences and find their purpose of existence.  

Photographer: Kehinde Applewhite

Creative Director: VILLAGER