CONVERSATIONS IN CANVAS is a series of salon-style community dialogues exploring the intersection of art and community in the relaxed and comfortable setting of THE VILLAGE! STUDIO. 

The goal of this programming is to create a safe, nurturing, inclusive space where individuals can come together to share, learn, and grow as a community. CONVERSATIONS IN CANVAS is an intimate and intellectual gathering where we will delve into one of the pieces of work displayed in the salon exhibition by the guest artist, using them as guiding lights for our conversations and discussions, promoting the exchange of ideas and the development of a deeper understanding of the topics under consideration, as well as encouraging individuals to engage in lively, open and thought-provoking discussions. 

As we explore the depths of these works, it is our mission to create connections, ignite meaningful conversations, and provide a platform and safe space for community-driven imagination and thinking also provides an accessible platform for individuals to engage with art in a relaxed and comfortable setting, removing barriers to art appreciation/viewing, and making art accessible to the community in non-traditional spaces. We are also offering safe spaces for folks to explore their creativity through post-discussion art-making by engaging participants in hands-on journaling and art-making activities through different mediums like painting, collage making, poems, and other forms of artistic expression that reflect their experience, understanding, and evolution of the topic discussed. Through this community participants can capture their thoughts, emotions, and insights, allowing for a deeper exploration and documentation of self-expression. 

In this supportive atmosphere, community participants can learn from one another, gain new perspectives, and build connections based on shared interests and passions. By actively holding space for one another, CONVERSATIONS IN CANVAS creates a foundation for community growth, collaboration, and collective empowerment.