THE VILLAGE! STUDIO is a community-oriented programming incubator founded by Baltimore Based artist-partner-collaborator duo, Kehinde Applewhite and VILLAGER, in January 2023. What began as a series of open studios in our live-work space quickly blossomed into a sanctuary where individuals felt encouraged to be themselves, feel safe and respected, and supported in expressing their authentic selves- We had fostered a nurturing and inclusive community of our own.

Through these intimate gatherings, we developed an understanding of the importance of inclusivity, creativity, and support and how it drives community building. At its core, THE VILLAGE! STUDIO is committed to fostering genuine connections and empowering voices through a diverse range of both in-house and nomadic programming, from open mics to community conversations and dialogues, movie nights and discussions, artist talks, workshops, book clubs, and culinary experiences, ensuring a diversity of experiences that can inspire meaningful connections and conversations within the community.

THE VILLAGE! STUDIO's mission is to simply provide a safe haven where individuals can cultivate their creativity, share their stories, and forge meaningful connections with others. We believe in the transformative power of art and community, holding and offering space, providing, nurturing, loving, and caring for our community as we grow, learn, and love with one another. 

After all, it takes a VILLAGE!

THE VILLAGE! STUDIO offers both in-house and nomadic experiences. The in-house location is located in Baltimore, MD, and simultaneously serves as the community space and live-work space for both artists

Upcoming Events and Programming: