spray paint, assemblage- satelite dish, palm fronds, dried flowers, talking drum, fruit dish, acrylic skin.

GUARDIAN CONFIGURATION 2 is a further development of GUARDIAN: An assemblage sculpture that takes its main form from a satellite dish and palm fronds. This second configuration of this work is an evolution of the intentions set forth in the first sculpture, sowing further the deep appreciation and gratitude for life by presenting offerings and veneration to the ancestors. 

This particular version is adorned with acrylic skin to materialize further this idea of the otherworldly that we find when immersed in the sacred. The abundance of wisdom and knowledge is carried through the horse-tail-like staff made out of palm fronds and pressure-treated lumber, sweeping through the land, nurturing the space on which it is sat, watching over its inhabitants, and providing nurture and care to those that need it. 

The talking drum attached by the waist acts as a talisman, like some sort of totem, releasing droning sounds for protection and healing, emitting rumbling beats of jubilee and celebration, and broadcasting spells of rhythm onto the ears of its listeners. 

GUARDIAN CONFIGURATION 2 is a work that co-opts the notions of the second law of thermodynamics that states "energy can not be destroyed nor created by rather transformed from one form to another". This work is an assemblage of discarded and found objects, and gifts, that utilizes the material and cultural energy imbued in each object energy to create a synergistically sound evolving bodily form- A continuation and transformation of energy

GUARDIAN CONFIGURATION 2 furthers the intentions of its predecessors as a steward of the journey of life, exploring, deciphering, and granting knowledge of the flux between the divine and the mundane.