"verbivocovisual" illustration on wall

soft pastel on wall

VILLAGER in front of verbivocovisual illustration on wall

As an artist, the "WHY" of my work has always been very clear- My art began as a way for me to EXIST in a world where I believed I was no longer. It granted me the opportunity to re-imagine my existence and begin to create the world I so much needed to exist within- that of the endless possibility of imagination, creativity, and humanity. 

VERBOVOCOVISUALLY is the "HOW". In the exploration and definition of my artistic approach, I stumbled upon the word "verbivocovisual", first coined by James Joyce in “Finnegan’s Wake” to describe the significance of multisensorial totality, I NOW work to reach a similar state within my practice. I adapted this multisensorial approach as a vehicle for not only execution but interaction with my work- It is my goal to eventually reach a state in my practice where one's five senses, SIGHT, TOUCH, HEARING, SMELL, AND TASTE, can inhabit the full schema of my artistic creations, both in process and result. 

In momento, my work currently operates in the visual in the form of paintings, sculptures, and photos that only fully invoke the SIGHT. Additionally, there is a faux sense of TOUCH [present] in form of textures imbued whether in the paintings or in sculptures like WITH MY BEING or installations like FLOWER WALL. This approach can sometimes seem rather philosophical than physical in this sense, I hope to reach a dynamic whole through the senses using this approach, extending to elements of African diasporic visual interest as well. 

In this moment of exploration, time will reveal all. This is my direction as I continue to CREATE.