IBERE ATI OPIN / In the beginning was the end, and the end was the beginning , 2023

acrylic on canvas

36" × 36"


in the beginning was a portal

it shone with the marks of time

and sizzled with the undiminshable fury of the sun itself.

and the space through it led to darkness

and olodumare said let there be light

and the birds, confused in the chaos of a new destiny


scattered the sands of the beach that they laid therein

onto the eyes of the sun.

the sun cried in agony, every drop coagulating and multiplying and shifting- rapidly

through, around, away and from the sands

and so life was created.

and thereafter the sun vowed to always remind

punish the people of the land of the fury that had begotten it a million years ago.

so another canon is rewritten and history hurries along