the man in the suit


35.7" x 45"

mixed media on unstretched canvas

Masculinity and ego-

The Man in the Suit his painting explores the societal constructions of masculinity. This piece is a personal conversation of the performative nature of hypermasculinity that drives the need to constantly perform a certain masculinity that is “devoid of femininity”. This work intends to address these ideas positioned from my experience as a black queer non-binary person that navigates the world usually masculine presenting. 

This portrait-like neo-expressionist abstract work displays and communicates the vibrancy and fluidity that freedom of self brings. The contrast between the oversized black suit and the pink collar, the exposure of the rib cage imbued with red and pink, as well as the circle heart above flowing with different shades of yellow, blue, and red, all reveal this attitude of freedom. The cage in the left corner speaks to the journey of life as this constant cycle of exploration/learning and unlearning and how that informs our idealization of self. Are we caged? or are we free? Is that person wearing or mask? or is that their real self projected on to the forefront? 

The Man in the Suit is also an investigation of ego as a spectrum- an evolving and changing existence within your true self. The words “ego” on the left corner call to this constant deliberation of “who am I” that is innately present in our human experience. 

The Man in the Suit offers a space of reflection on this evolving investigation of the relationship between my ego and my masculinity. How are they related? How does my blackness inform my ideals of masculinity? How does that inform my ego? Or vice versa?