the magician


16" x 20"

acrylic and oil on canvas

The Magician features a figure hidden under circles of blue, white, and red, almost akin to a flashback of some sort. This piece is heavily inspired by Principle Component Analysis plots, a graph used to display statistical variance by clustering samples based on similarity. 

The black clusters double as both a cluster of similarity, signifying the power in the collective, and a magical-mystical wand capable of creating magic at will. The Magician tells a story of an internal struggle between satisfaction and penitence. As the magician takes his last breath, he reminisces on his journey and wonders if he could've learned more tricks. After all, the only trick in his repertoire was to create shimmering glitter of red, white, and blue and every shade in between. 

This piece tells a story of the struggle between satisfaction and penitence