seated/seeded, 2023

mixed media on canvas 

48” x 48” 

“for I have set a table before you in the presence of abundance, plant your dreams and desires for their roots shall germinate”

this work carries a lot of desire, planted in intention and transported using elements of cultural significance and power-

i created this work in response to a recent group show titled “we create by being” when I started asking questions- what does it mean to be? what do i desire to be? desire for my being? what do i desire for my people? What do we claim as power? 

I wanted to create a piece that felt extremely rooted, unmovable, protected, and nurtured like the nyanwezi throne chair from the nyanwezi region of Tanzania which I took inspiration. The chairs were used by chiefs during judgments and initiations-. like that chair, this work is an expression of all my desires of being, to be seated and positioned in the limitless abundance that is inherent to my being, and the protection and nurture that is native to my existence. 

finding rooting in these mantras also means holding and extending these thoughts for my people, for ALL black people, in all our multiplicity of being. although cowries may be mostly known for their monetary value, In a social landscape that is ever-changing, I wish for these cowries to grant us all passage into a space where comfort, leisure, hope, protection, prosperity, peace, love, and abundance is possible and present. this work aims to create such uninhibited space and a sense of ownership over said space where we can flourish in existence. A space where possibilities are endless and limitless for Black folks everywhere. A space where freedom is imaginable and real. 

This work continues to hold, grow and multiply these intentions abundantly for myself, my friends, my family, and for my people, inviting the viewer to seek, enter and own these spaces with freedom.  

Ase! Ase! Ase!