acrylic, soft and oil pastel on canvas

36" × 36"

OGUNWEMIMO- is the sustained last name from my maternal blood ties. This work was a spontaneous but intentional denouncement of white supremacy in the ways that it shapes identities through names, inadvertently influencing and informing who we show up as within familial and linealogical frameworks. This work serves as the inception, investigtion and reconnection to that name, OGUNWEMIMO. 

OGUNWEMIMO roughly translates to  "Ogun, purify me" or "Ogun, wash me clean". The crack-like exteriors of the central figure pays homage to a lost identity- one that is rooted in honoring traditional knowledge systems and practices

Ogun is also the God of Iron and War in Yoruba- therefore naming "OGUNWEMIMO" also serves as a real-time present