ife bi eji owuro / love like the morning dew, 2023 

acrylic and oil stick on canvas

30” x 30”

This piece was made on the 10-month anniversary of our love. if you know us personally, you will know the story behind the name “Kehinde” and how ancestrally integral that name is to the way we found each other. a name that has eluded life in many generations in my family- ended up finding me in the form of Kehinde, my partner.

for brevity, my grandmother, Kehinde, is a twin and her twin died. my father (Kehinde) is a twin and his twin died, Kehinde’s mom found the name “Kehinde” in a national geographic magazine and immediately decided she was going to name her child that.

I truly believe Kehinde is the abiku that searched so many lifetimes for me as we both braved the scars of separation from the lands of enchantment- until we found each other.

for this reason, I know that in our cosmic dance of love, our light will always find each other.

10 cowries offered in jubilation to my missing piece