eru ti a gbe si ori / the weight we bear, 2023

acrylic and soft pastel on canvas

48” x 36”

i myself have hawked products and groceries on occasion for my grandmother growing up. she had a small shop and i would watch the shop for her whenever i could/was sanctioned to do so. i think about all the lessons i learned at her feet. the sense of comfort in responsibility that i learned at an early age. my neck grew stronger to support my head- my ori, my destiny, my calling.

the same head i used to fetch water with buckets

is the same one that is now carrying on this responsibility of living, creating and advancing thought and struggle.

my work feels like that! a responsibility. to reconnect and reclaim what is meant for me- to mend the connection with my ancestors, to connect with them in my dreams and live through them in the physical.

through my actions,

through my family,

through love

i think of my grandmother and all the lessons she taught me.

i should call her and thank her.