a dupe fun ore oni / gratitude, 2023

mixed media on canvas 

48” x 48”

eni t'oba dupe ore ana, a ri emii gba // If you give thanks today, you will live to receive another one tomorrow. 

I've found that gratitude is the key to being in the present- in the NOW. it grounds and affixes you to reality and brings your journey into perspective. 

so give thanks today!

and rejoice for the journey of life itself! 



I will also like to share an affirmation that I repeated continuously as I worked on this painting and invite you to join me in multiplying the intention of gratitude by reading the following affirmations out loud to yourself-

a dupe fun ore oni / I give thanks for today’s blessings

a dupe fun ore ana / I give thanks for yesterday’s blessings

a dupe fun ore ola / I give thanks for tomorrow’s blessings that is yet to come