Growing up in Nigeria, family members would seldom call me “Bush Boy” because of the energetic and inquisitive nature of the world that I possessed. Autobiographical in nature, Bush Boy (2022) depicts the evolution of a young child who once embraced the world with naivete

This body of work is a cohesive arrangement of paintings, mixed media, and visual installations that signify my artistic rebirth in a very animalistic fashion. The works are a reflection of my past, how those experiences have come to shape my present and future, and a window into the present. Some pieces contrast the past and the present, describing changes in beliefs and principles that have come to form over the years. Others depict pivotal moments through direct and metaphorical expression and the transformations that they provoke.

Much like a journey, Bush Boy is the product of a ritualistic rebirth and metamorphosis of SELF, inviting the viewer to reflect and seek meaning in life's changes.

Let us travel through this bush of life together,

This exhibition will be on show at ~suprise~ from December 8th - January 13th. More details to come!