THE VILLAGE! STUDIO is a community-oriented studio space founded by Baltimore-based artist-partner-collaborator duo, Kehinde Applewhite and VILLAGER in Baltimore, MD. In January 2023, the idea of the space came to life after hosting numerous open studios and we both realized that our space had continuously and seamlessly transformed into a place where folks can come and be themselves, vulnerably share their art and their being with others while feeling safe and cared for by others alike. 

We had fostered a community of our own!

The present and future of THE VILLAGE! is rooted in community- through open mics, community conversations and dialogues, movie nights and discussions, artist talks, workshops, book clubs, and culinary experiences, we intend to continuously hold space for folks to come share and contribute to the community. Our mission is to be a safe haven, to hold and offer space, provide, nurture love, and care for our community as we grow, learn, and love with one another. 

After all, it takes a VILLAGE!

THE VILLAGE! is located in Baltimore, MD, and serves as the live-work space for both artists. 


KEHINDE APPLEWHITE (b.2001 in California, US) is a Baltimore-based textile artist. Their unique approach to textile art seeks to materialize ideas such as space, time, movement, and memory using a wide variety of textile mediums to create abstract forms. Applewhite's work is both visually stunning and intellectually stimulating, encouraging viewers to contemplate the deeper meanings behind the shapes and forms that they create

VILLAGER (b.1999 in Lagos, Nigeria; based in Baltimore, MD), is a multi-disciplinary artist, painter, and sculptor whose work is centered around investigating humanity as a product of culture and social conditions through an afro-diasporic lens- Challenging the statement, “That’s just how it is” with more human-centered questions- "How did it get to be that way" & “Does it have to be that way", VILLAGER works in a range of mediums including acrylics, oil, oil pastel, wood, cyanotype, photo, fabrics, and textile arrangements to challenge, reconstruct, recontextualize, and rewrite norms and perspectives on societal constructions of culture, identity, autonomy, freedom, gender, masculinity, labor, spirituality, and community.